Acu-Rite S Manual Machine Tool Digital Readouts for Milling and Turning. Acu-Rite S DRO packages with Linear Encoders for almost any manual. Find great deals on eBay for ACU Rite DRO in Digital Readouts for DRO; DROM, DROE; VRO; S; S; Acurite VUE; Anilam Wizard ;. Acu-Rite S DRO. The ACU-RITE series with LCD screen technology offers the possibility of running different types of operations with just one readout.

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This function is for Milling applications only page The clock starts timing from 0: Setup S offers two categories for setting up operating parameters. Press the DOWN arrow key. Taper Calculator Soft Key Use the taper calculator 200e calculate taper angle. Login to Your Account. If I cannot determine the proper resolution of the scales, when setting up the new DRO what should I use to set the scales?

The numeric keys are used 200a enter a number greater than zero.

200S Readout System

Data Output; Acu-ritte, and Next Hole. Incremental workpiece positions A position can also be referenced to the preceding nominal position. The explanation, and examples on those pages are based on a mill application. Don’t have an account?

SETUP soft key, and enter the passcode. The following table defines the Zero Angle where the position of the angle is zero for the three possible planes of rotation. I looked at Acu-rite’s site but saw nothing about the new lineup.


S Readout System – ACU-RITE

Enter the tool diameter, for example 2. The RPM calculator requires a tool diameter.

The following devices can be connected to this port: There are two main options available for reference marks; fixed and distance-coded. When you change a workpiece and establish a new datum, all tools are automatically referenced from the new datum. Such as if it becomes necessary to define a datum that can be re-established after a power interruption. Refer to screen examples on the right. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Press C to exit. The datum is the workpiece zero.

Can not divide by zero.

Enter nominal position value for corner point 1: This is a Distance-To-Go Incremental function page General Navigation Use key pad to enter numeric values within each field. Viewing the main operating screen: About Acu-Rite DRO Shop the extensive inventory of business and industrial equipment and light industrial equipment and tools!

Working without reference mark The S can also be used without crossing over the reference marks.

Production Tool Supply

Everything works, both channels on the readout display work when scale is plugged into either input. If the tool table already contains tools in which the length has acu-rrite set, the reference surface should first be established using one of them.


Operational information is arranged in three sections: Linear Pattern Information Required Type: Thanks for the feedback guys and Jon thanks for the tip about the new DRO’s. Printer with serial data interface.

The following steps may have already acur-ite completed by the installer. If 200x, you will not be able to switch between the new tools and the existing tools without having to re-establish the datum.

Highlight the tool you want. Tool Table The S can store the dimensional offsets for up to 16 tools. Arc Milling The Arc Milling form is used to specify the curved surface to be milled. I – 3 Milling Specific Operations Presets The Preset function allows the operator to indicate the nominal target position for the next move. 200ss may not reflect the user defined count direction, and is only required for determining the non-linear error compensation.

When they do not match, select negative. I – 2 General 2200s for S Measured Value Output With the measured value output feature, probe measurement values can be sent over the serial port.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. The initial screen will appear. Table of Contents S Key Layout