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Truth be told, this novel wasn’t even on my radar. I like this series After a while of reading and writing from the book, the girls in the school are summoned forth into the night by an unknown yhe.

This is an excellent book for all teens but especially boys. This sequel had a great storyline but left Alex to deal with a major character without the help of the Polidorium.

We’re split between his time in school which I really could have done without–the spy stuff was so interesting, but, you know and his time hunting down the elusive vampires and trying to gain a better understanding of his hiss and static powers alerting him of danger Explore the Home Gift Guide.

Voice of the Undead

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And the whole purpose of my outside reading project is to get kids interested in reading, right? All in all, I say 4. Related articles Alex Van Helsing: The Scholomance want Alex dead for good. I also enjoy that while Alex is extraordinary in many ways, we also see how in many ways, Alex is a typical lf year old.


He has his target set on someone or something in the city but neither Alex nor the Polidorium can figure out who or what.

The Polidorium is on high alert, aware that an assassin called Ultravox is on his way to the vampire stronghold-Scholomance. Alex is someone that young readers can get attached to and cheer for as he battles vampires.

It will also explain why Elle and the Scholomance want Alex dead. Then he starts on this adventure and you are brought along to see all of it.

Ratings and voiice No one’s rated or reviewed this product yet. It is amazing how the author made the character to be attached to reader.

Alex Van Helsing: Voice of the Undead by Jason Henderson

Though, it is pretty easy to quickly figure out who the bad guys are, there is not a lot of back ground story as to why the Scholomance want Alex dead. It’s suitable for most middle school readers – there’s no mention of sex, drugs, or alcohol.

Learn more helsjng Amazon Giveaway. I liked it but fel I really liked the action pack first novel. I love the scene where Alex is begging Minhi’s friend to take of the scarf.


Will Alex and the Polidorium figure out what’s going on before anyone ends of dead? Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 51 73.

Alex Van Helsing: Voice of the Undead by Jason Henderson | Collected Miscellany

I enjoy it as much as my 15 year old. It’s a great read and I’d love to see a fourth book! Voice of the Undead. This school just happens to be the vna Minhi attends and is the sister school to Glenarvon. Alex Van Helsing 2 Members. Miniha is beginning to have feeling for Alex much to Paul’s chargrin and Sid is an awesome authority of vamps bc of the stuff he writes for his PC games.

As always, while Alex is front and center, his friends have his back and help out against the vampires along the way. Jul 26, Mitch rated it really liked it. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. It’s fast-paced and has plenty of action and humor.

My love of the Alex Van Helsing books is pretty well documented and that love continues.