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If the skids undergo appreciable vertical displacement in movingovera surface, this displacement is subtracted from the probe motion see Fig. Theroughnesssampling length may be determined by electrical analog filtering, digital filtering, or geometrical truncation of the profile aske the appropriate lengths.

What is Surface Texture B46.1 for Stainless

The above recommendation does not apply if the surface structures to be assessed are outside the bandwidths of Section 9, Tableor if damage can occur to the surface when using the Type I instrument. Itshouldbenotedthat tical b46., the aame amplitude of a sinusoidal profileat this wavelengthmaybe smaller thanits actual amplitude because of the phase difference between the sampled data points and the profile peaks and valleys.

See also Sections 3 and 4. The instrument nonlinearity is the deviation in measured z axis displacement as a function of the actual z axis stylus displacement.

What is Surface Texture B for Stainless

As defined in Section 1, the roughness sampling length is the sampling length specified to separate roughness profile irregularities from waviness profile irregularities. Criteria for selection of surface qualities and information on instrument techniques and methods of producing, controlling, and inspecting surfaces are included in the other sections and in the appendices. Tolerances for Types Cl to C Values of quantities stated in the SI’ metric system are to be regarded as standard.


Just as for the average slope Ao, the selected value of do influences the value of A4. Refer to Section 9 for further information pertaining to sampling interval. Standard values for Ac and A, are given in Table This function indicates the percentage of the amplitude of a sinusoidal surface profile transmitted by the pickup as a function of surface spatial wavelength see Section 9.

No tolerance values are given for Gaussian filters as they were for 2RC filters in para. The classification system has been made amse general as possible. The real surface differs from the zsme surface to the extent thatit exhibits surface texture, flaws,and errors of form. The range of useful magnification available depends largely on the differences in numerical aperture between instruments.

In the case of the stylus, both the skid and stylus contact the surface.

The World’s First $19k 3D Profilometer:

They can also be equipped with an auxiliary measuring system andused as a noncontacting null sensor. One microinch equals 0. One of the beams serves as a reference because it illuminates adme stationary point on the surface on the axis of rotation.

The pickup comprises the stylus, stylus holding mechanism, measuring transducer, and any signal conditioning associated with the measuring transducer.

For FFC probes with the sensing element asmw the form of a disc asin Fig. The appendices shall not be considered a part of this Standard.

This methodcanonly be usedwith direct profile recording instruments with slow very traversing speed capability. Concerning resolution, the sensitivity of an instrument to measure the heights of small surface features may depend on the combination of the spatial resolution and qsme feature spacing: This stylus is traversed over the surface of interest.

The Type B1 specimen has a set of four grooves. Stylus check specimens should not be used for this purpose. For the standard tip radius of 10 pm pin. The standard roughness long-wavelengthcutoff values for the 2RC filter are listed in para. First groove only First and second grooves First, second, and third grooves All four grooves 10 p m to 20 Fm 5pm to 10 p m 2. The weighting function of the Gaussian phase correct filter for the roughness short-wavelength cutoff has a Gaussian form, similar to that to be discussed in para.


Analytically, AR, is given by: The limits are defined by the values of the roughness long-wavelength cutoff and shortwavelength cutoff listed in Table Because of end effects in profile measurements, the traversing length must be longer than the evaluation length see Fig.

The waviness long-wavelength cutoff length weighting function S for this filter is given by the equation: Pilot specimens may be used to control production operations by sight and feel. The nominal values given assume negligible attenuation by the stylus filter.

The drive unit provides x axis range andmotion control. In a typical application where the stylus measures height displacements in the z direction, the reference guide constrains the drive unit in the y and z directions. This Section does not recommend specific surface roughness, waviness, or type of lay suitable for specific purposes, nor does it specify the means by which these irregularities maybe obtained or produced.

By previous definition see para. Also, the 2RC filter does not separate roughnessandwaviness as efficiently as the Gaussian filter.

With a knowledge of the factors listed above, buyers and sellers can agree aame meaningful specifications for surfaces as characterized by area profiling techniques. The stylus tipradiusused to performthe assessment for using a Type B3 must be previously measured, example specimen. This transmission characteristic is produced by a Gaussian profile weighting function as defined in this Section.