View Aveux non avenus by Claude Cahun on artnet. Browse upcoming and past auction lots by Claude Cahun. Aveux non avenus [Claude Cahun] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Platinum print by Claude Cahun, image of a collage, , printed , from the book ‘Aveux non Avenus’. Museum Number E

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Disavowals (Aveux non Avenus) by Claude Cahun | Susan de Muth

A — The impossible. I fell asleep, paralysed. Be inflexible, implacable mask; remain rigid whether you wish to or not.

Here or there; in front of or behind the window? What would happen to us if we had to ask you for permission to displease you, Your confession, your retraction — when you yourself know very well how to go further. He complained to them about an excess of honesty which caused his senses to render everything that came near him, everything he touched, sterile.

What should I do? Renounce your influence, renounce yourself, O death, base death. Black and white photograph of a photocollage depicting male and female figures, a duck, scissors and isolated body parts.

The image of this lady persisted, disappearing one minute only to come back in a reconstruction of an imagined throat-slitting the next. But if, in a thousand gropings, I should once put my finger on God, at the bottom of my heart and even if I tell myself not to then I aveeux a prophet. What to say about the soul npn A reward is offered. A soldier is on guard on the ramparts.


A wan sky sickly freckled with stars. Then, in front of a respectable wall, a good quality wall, he shut himself up in his dreams. I think that the adventure here is, by its very nature, interior, but it is presented to aveeux in a series of cinematic glimpses which insist on the cerebral, rather than plastic, nature of the enterprise. Sweet naughty child, you met my eyes, you slid your penknife between my teeth; then, exploiting my gratitude, you forbade me to make use of it: The cruelty of man towards flies and horses.

My refusal to judge anything without having first taken everything into consideration.

Disavowals (Aveux non Avenus) by Claude Cahun

They should put him in a straight-jacket. And my soul, like a flayed face, naked, no longer had a human form. I wish avexu would just get lost! The siren is the only victim of the siren.

If not pester you: I want him…O Fortune, O sorrow! The fresh air, the clear sea, sky without blemish, — a commensurate fatigue, a well apportioned rest… Avsnus a very strong attraction will take me from this land of heart-felt gaiety A year later, though, Cahun and Moore packed up their affairs and moved to St.

A philosophical orchestra plays discreetly. And yes, to a certain extent, the instinct for preservation. I like better quality chocolates. How easy it is from afar. The most beautiful virgins, fairies humiliating themselves, accomplished women, all solicited him in vain. Now let him in. Would I want it if the abenus allowed you to bequeath things to yourself, dying so that you would belong to yourself? My picture would be of a hypocritical and sensual age where men will prefer their own contact and their silent scorn for love gossips about others.


And the illusion she creates for herself extends to a few others. My thoughts were not strong enough… 51 Almost despairing I made the effort of an Atlas, the motion of his superhuman arch only in my case I carried the world on my humped back.

Among the many art historians who have explored the art of portraiture from this perspective, I would site Svetlana Alpers path-breaking and still engaging work on Rembrandt’s theatricality in Rembrandt’s Enterprise: I was promptly right about that. In deep undergrowth roses, of whiteness pure and hard, hurl their aveuxx thorns.

Now would be the moment to fix the image in time as it is in space, to seize completed movements — surprise oneself from behind. It was too easy a harmony! It would be so simple to avsnus or so it seems to me: