CatEye CC-MT [Mity 2] • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Following pdf manuals are available: cat-eye cc-mt mity 2 User Manual. CatEye product manuals for the entire line of CatEye cycle computers, headlights , safety lights and accessories online support at

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Incorrect data appears or the screen is frozen.

CatEye CC-MT [Mity 2] manuals

Is the distance between the sensor and the magnet too far? C Micro owner’s manual Battery: The hour display will flash and can be changed using the “MODE” button, more quickly miy you hold the button down.

Calibration number will appear. Displays the highest recorded speed. If you hold the “SET” button for 2 seconds or more, you enter the mode to set the alternate “B” calibration number. Small picture of a bicycle in upper right indicates that unit is running. Are the marking line of the sensor and the center of magnet aligned? To switch wheel size setting “A” or “B”: Average Pace Arrow D.


Although the Odo data mxnual to zero by all clear operation, you can continue accumulation of data by inputting the previous Odo data.

Operating instructions | CatEye CC-MT [Mity 2] User Manual | Page 2 / 2 | Original mode

The life of the first factory-loaded battery may be shorter than this period. Do not place it within children’s reach. When current speed does not appear, first short-circuit the contact on the back with metal; if the speed display appears, the main unit is normal and the problem must be in the bracket or the sensor.

Look for similarities in appearance and function when trying instructions for a computer not on our list.

This manual is related to the following products: With Reset operation, it returns to zero. Input the figure by MODE button. Cycle through the modes until Tm or the clock is displayed.

Auto Manua Symbol F.

Decreases the figure by one. Press the “SET” underside button. Mankal are reset independently, so you can use Trip Distance 2 to record segments within a trip, etc. If SET button is pressed in.


DO NOT use abrasives, sandpaper, etc. Wipe the contact clean. Two different start points can be set Dst1 and Dst2.

Cateye Computers

Mity 2 owner’s manual. In other modes, you may press the “SET” button for two seconds at the same time to switch between “A” and “B” values. Never disassemble the main unit. When measuring, the speed manhal flashes.

With all clear operation, it returns to zero; to continue accumulation of data, input the previous Odo data after manuual clear operation. When odometer value is set to desired number, press “SET” recessed button to dateye and enter wheel calibration mode.

Push all three buttons at once “SET” button is on underside of unit. Pressing the “MODE” button will cycle the computer through the modes: Press “MODE” right button to enter distance scale selection mode. Press “MODE” top button to adjust that digit.