It felt also strange to think that TSR could have put an entirely new fantasy rpg game in without me ever noticing. My first thought was it. A list of products, cover scans, and sources for purchase of these out-of-print books for the various Conan role playing games. Lost Game Safari: The Conan RPG from TSR By Jeff Mejia Conan. With the exception of the works of Professor Tolkien, no other character of.

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March 25, at Together, they were Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast. I hated prg ‘world’ book “by Ervin H Roberts” which was a pathetic excuse for researching the world, lazily done in a style ripoff ala Indiana Jones which was released about the same time by TSRbut all in all the game was nicely put together.

There is also a pretty large chance of failure for the more powerful spells, even if the wizard is highly skilled. The sourcebook is pretty forgettable too and that kind of “fake found object from the notebook of a professor” trope is not well executed.

Other offers may also be available. The luck meta-currency is unfair, and characters are generally very weak to start.

Conan The Mercenary Module Cn2 TSR 7402 Conan RPG RARE OOP D&d OSR

And some become freebooters and buccaneers who sail the western seas. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Barely a year after the game was released Dragon ran a full page ad announcing a fire-sale on the complete line, and never was it mentioned again. Exhaustively researched, Conan The Roleplaying Game features new innovations to ensure rlg, magic, character creation and development reflect the epic writings of Robert E.


Only a member of this blog may post a comment. They’re hampered by being tied directly to Conan.

No additional import charges at delivery! Brendan November 25, at 7: Ts time you summon or attempt to summon a demon you permanently lose a point of Damage Health. What you see is what you get!

Conan – TSR/GURPS – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

The tragedy of its obscurity is that it’s a fast-paced, mechanically-elegant, mercifully-lite Swords and Sorcery game. Sub-Radar-Mike November 20, at 3: I’ll still be using all my Mongoose stuff for source material though. Subject to ts approval. Forget about happy Bolish ‘rabbleslaying’, or 2d20 ‘mobsweeping’.

This sounds great, I hope you guys have good experiences with this product. For there are reports of good fsr for any who can swing a sword or cut a purse. But that’s exactly what happened. I asked a lot of questions along the way, and everyone was always helpful, even if they had a strong opinion about their game of choice.

Watch list is full. There is no Talent for interacting with people. Jack November 19, at 8: Can the mighty Conan master the bitter cold, the savage beastmen — and the other horrors that lie beyond? The GM has to houserule a lot during play, as there are holes in the rules. My first thought was it must have been as big as a steaming pile of offal as that other TSR turkey of the time, the Indiana Jones rpg.


Indeed, fate seemed to smile the first week, for the Baron himself sought your services to recover a bauble, a royal symbol stolen by some lackwit. Additional letters have seen print already but we tried to pick material that was a revealing of his character and life or b previously unpublished.

Conan RPG from TSR – Mongoose Publishing

He knows Eastern magic, which is mostly the art of illusion and mind control. The Recursion King June 12, at 8: It feels like putting 1 point in this Talent is nearly as good as putting 5 points in it.

Moon of Blood “War has com to the Westermarck. There are no Conn stores, kindly absent minded wizards, or schools of Sorcery. If you ever get a chance to look at I would be interested in your thoughts.

A color-coded Tzr Superheroes-like unified resolution system? It was a grudging respect admittedly. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping is paid in part dpg Pitney Bowes Inc.

There was also a great map of a fortified palace which featured multiple building heights for climbing and jumping when sneaking in or out. Posted by Jeff M at Now you scrabble through slimy caves, stalked by a band of mysterious masked men, unsure if you will ever again see the light of day.

The magic system In the Conan game was truly original. It’s been sitting on my gaming shelf since