DOD 5200.2-R PDF

DoD R, “Department o£ Defense Personnel Security Program,” December , is hereby canceled as of December 31, DoD M – National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual. ( NISPOM) DoD R – Personnel Security Program. DOD R: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE PERSONNEL SECURITY PROGRAM.

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Use of Information Technology IT Systems Noncompliance with rules, procedures, guidelines or regulations pertaining to information technology systems may raise security concerns 52000.2-r an individual’s reliability and trustworthiness, calling into question the willingness or ability to properly protect sensitive systems, networks and information.

Excessive use affects perception, thinking and coordination.

DOD 5200.2-R PDF

The following actions may result in unfavorable clearance action or administrative termination of further processing: When that happens, the agency will usually issue the individual a letter identifying the potential disqualifier.

It is principally a Foreign Influence or Foreign Preference issue when an individual shows a preference for a foreign country, serves a foreign interest or is vulnerable to foreign influence that puts protected information at risk. Affluence that cannot be explained 5020.2-r known sources of income is also a security concern.

Cleared employees must respect vod whether they agree with them or not. Deliberate or negligent failure to comply with rules and regulations for protecting classified or other sensitive information raises doubt about an individual’s trustworthiness, judgment, reliability or willingness and ability to safeguard such information and is a serious security concern.

Personnel with technical skills and administrative access to a network are also capable of damaging or impairing the operability of critical information systems.

Knowing all of this information will allow you to better position yourself and to significantly increase your chances of successfully being granted your security clearance. Noncompliance with rules, procedures, guidelines or regulations pertaining to information technology systems may raise security concerns about an individual’s reliability and trustworthiness, calling into question the willingness or ability to properly protect sensitive systems, networks and information. If you did received a Letter of Intent LOI to respond to a proposed suspension of eligibility or access, or if you are having problems anywhere in the process with a clearance suspension, revocation or issuance, please call my office as 520.02-r as possible for consultation and review.

Screening out applicants with a significant criminal history protects the organization against more than just espionage. If they do not respect the rules on use of illegal substances, they may not respect the rules for protection of classified information. Financial Considerations Failure or inability to live within one’s means, satisfy debts or meet financial obligations may indicate poor self-control, lack of judgment or 520.02-r to abide by rules and regulations, all of which can raise questions about an applicant’s reliability, trustworthiness and ability to protect classified national security information CNSI.


One knowledgeable source who reports credible adverse information may outweigh many acquaintances who claim never to have seen evidence of such behavior. Capacity for Making Commitment Obligations that accompany a security clearance involve a lifetime commitment to maintain secrecy.

DoD R, “Personnel Security Program,” 1/

Executive Orderdated September 15,establishes the U. They can steal information, change information or destroy information in automated file systems while sitting at their desk and doing nothing that appears out of the ordinary to casual observers. The likelihood of continuation or recurrence. A personnel security clearance is an administrative determination by a certified adjudicator that an individual is eligible under national security standards for access to classified information.

Two general types of behaviors related to mishandling protected information are relevant to security: Foreign Preference If an applicant’s behavior indicates a preference for a foreign country over the United States, then the applicant may be prone to providing information or making decisions that are harmful to U.

The topics or “issues” listed below are the primary factors by which Department of Defense DoD personnel security specialists adjudicators will either grant or deny your application for a security clearance. Most government organizations and private businesses do not know and cannot measure accurately how much they suffer from theft in the workplace by employees or outsiders.

When information of security concern becomes known about an individual who is currently eligible for access to classified information, the adjudicator should consider whether the person: Related Articles 10 DOD As it becomes easier for people to access computer databases, ease of use means ease of abuse. Any doubt concerning personnel being considered for access to classified information will be resolved in favor of the national security.

This responsibility can be unsettling when the proper decision is uncertain. The adjudication process is the careful weighing of a number of variables known as the whole-person concept. It may indicate proceeds from financially profitable criminal acts. In order to make this determination, a personnel security background investigation is conducted.

DOD Adjudicative Elements – Security Clearance

Additional Resources DoD Directive By so doing we 520.2-r argue that the client poses no credible threat to national security, fod that the reinstatement of eligibility or lifting of the preliminary suspension is clearly in the best interests of the U. Government should be consulted when evaluating potentially disqualifying and mitigating information.


If allegiance to the United States is in doubt, an individual’s willingness to safeguard classified information is also in doubt. Government departments and agencies may also choose to apply these guidelines to analogous situations regarding persons being considered for access to other types of protected information.

Any conduct that indicates disrespect for rules and regulations can be a security concern under Personal Conduct as well as several other guidelines. Skip to main content Press Enter. Negative inference regarding the standards of this guideline may not be raised solely on the basis of an applicant having sought mental health counseling. We do everything necessary to establish that the client is, in fact, trustworthy, reliable and sufficiently possessed of sound and discerning judgment.

Social Responsibility Maintaining security requires following the rules for protection of classified information. These positive qualities may outweigh some unfavorable information. A qualified mental health professional e. In evaluating the relevance of an individual’s conduct, the adjudicator will consider the 13 Adjudicative Guidelines and 52200.2-r reference them with the following below-listed 9 Adjudicative Factors:.

Your current or future job is at stake. Involvement in certain types of outside employment or activities is of security concern if it poses a conflict of interest with an individual’s security responsibilities and could create an increased risk of unauthorized disclosure of classified information. The adjudicator is an analyst who forms his or 52002.-r conclusions and recommendations based on a review of all available information.

The vast majority of juvenile offenders get into trouble only once or twice and they stop offending as they mature.

Candidates for security clearance are evaluated under a system which provides a balanced assessment of affirmative or positive qualities as well as potentially disqualifying behaviors. Government as sod drug-free workplace. They have the self-discipline generally required for success in an academic or career environment. All information, both favorable and unfavorable, is weighed. The process involves the adjudication of the security eligibility of military personnel and civilian employees of the Department of Defense under Executive Order and DoD Regulation