Picture of an origami double star flexicube; Designed by Dave Brill; Folded by Sara Adams;. In fact there wasn’t an elegant way of doing this (in an origami sense). I used trial and error: firstly I made the Yoshimoto Cube (aka Double Star Flexicube), then. David Brill – Double Star Flexicube. Post by Froy» Tue Mar 25, pm. Hi! Greetings from Mexico. I have been looking for diagrams or something from.

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Double Star Flexicube after Yoshimoto Cube No1

I will try my best a contacting the creators, but Sara, what should I do if a diagram has been posted online and I can’t contact the creator of the dia. Other than that, do try making videos.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. My cubes are the same size: Personally, I’ve folded this model three times or so, always being able to complete it without use of glue.

The vids are only if you’re an experienced origamist so yeah Double Star Flexicube David Brill: Thank you for answering my post Sara.

May you also check my channel at youtube. Sara do know why there isn’t a4 paper in the US and Canada just curious not that i live there. Yeah it seems I may have to go look around a bit more in the some of the stores in the Us.


The square root of 2 is 1. Diagrams in the book: By “put together part” do you mean adding the hinges? Glue the hinges using “wet” glue. For example, search for 5cm in inches. I folded the model from A8.

Did you check your e-mail? A4 is the standard printing paper size in most countries.

The Origami Forum

Maybe you can have a think about it? If not, well, let’s not talk about that. The side of the starting sheet for the box has to be 5 times the edge of cube, plus a little bit to make the fit comfortable. Felxicube the whole thing here: The fun fact about A-sized paper is that if you cut it in half, it will have the same proportions again. I think the second one might be more interesting in terms of “Geometry Class”, but the first one slightly more fun because it’s an action model.

Me too I need help.

The Origami Forum • View topic – David Brill – Double Star Flexicube

Visibility right now is ok, but could be better. Wow this was amazing going to give it a try here in a little bit very impressive. In the diagrams Dave says to do two identical constructions.


The first model should probably take a bit less time, but I think both are suitable for beginners. I thought the paper size would be to big the smaller, the cuter so I thought would size DOWN the paper by a 4th. It did not come out to good.

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. March 13, at 6: I will poke around your website and i am sure I can find something more appropriate for a beginner like myself. Changing stqr at Round Tlexicube.

Double Star Flexicube (David Brill): Instructions | Happy Folding

Fortunately I was successful. Hm, are you sure you used A7? So after a couple of hours break I cut some stxr paper and gave it another try. I like that you used 2 different colors so you can see how it is made without getting to confused. If you hadn’t guessed already, i’m wondering what size paper to use? Can you do an instructional video on the heart bookmark??????????????????