I came across exodus which is the closest Exodus RPG enemies (). submitted 1 month ago by (0 children). Exodus has a Bestiary. Exodus is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Glutton Creeper In the six months that followed, GCG turned a full Fallout RPG into a thinly . Its bestiary is respectably sized and includes rules for creating new. Exodus RPG Core Bundle [BUNDLE] – This special bundle product contains the following Exodus Post Apocalyptic RPG: Wasteland Bestiary.

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/tg/ – Traditional Games

Oh hey, yet another five level advanced class meant to be taken at earlier levels for questionable gains. Fallout is one of my favorite settings, and I’ve wanted to see what the game would be like played tabletop. Texas 13 Final Thoughts. This means that most actual civil defense outside of the Disciples’ home base of Wendover, Utah, gets handed off to local militias while the Steel Disciples themselves go off ecodus war with enemies foreign rather than domestic.

The tree has its own pool of HP 20, to be precise and can be struck with a called shot at a -6 penalty to the attack roll, but if it’s destroyed it will regrow three months later rather than disappear forever. Like the Steel Disciples, they’ve got lots of armor and weapon proficiencies, as well as skills pertaining to technical know-how and being able to build or repair most useful bits and bobs you’d find in the wasteland.

Their desire to be greeted as liberators rather than oppressors means that they engage in a lot of subterfuge and agitprop rather than the active conquest of their Great War predecessors.

Exodus d20/OGL eBooks

In spite of this, though, the Desert Ranger isn’t a totally useless class. Bethesda was given the rights to create two Fallout games two years earlier, and Glutton Creeper Games was granted the license in order to create a d20 Modern Fallout RPG. I heard that there’s interest in a GURPS Technomancer writeup, and as fascinating as that sounds, right now there’s the more pressing matter of actually managing to finish what I started.

Steel Disciples almost never expand their central command structure, and even the growth of their lower ranks is slow due to their overly strict and rigid induction policies. Said child slaves are why the Slaver’s Union is the only human organization the Mutant Army doesn’t immediately consider yet another part of an inferior species that needs to be exterminated.


A charismatic and upstanding Ranger read: Surely that opener means these are the most enlightened people of the Wasteland, right?

Exodus d20/OGL eBooks : 4 HOUR GAMES ! , The Art of Games

Well, I’m fairly sure that I won’t be able to compete with libertarian space furry cyborgs, but I decided on what I was going to cover next and I’m sticking to it. This chapter details the weapons, armor, and miscellaneous equipment that can be found in the Wasteland. Environmental Hazards While d20 Modern has its own radiation system wherein time spent in an area of a certain strength of radiation resulted in saves against a specifc strength of radiation sickness, Exodus throws that out in favor of its own take on radiation.

The big exception is the capstone feature, Atom Akbarwhich I still can’t believe is an actual class feature name.

These two do provide a bit of a problem, though, when at a -8 penalty you have foot and hand targeted attacks that only induce the exxodus check penalties on a successful critical hit. It wasn’t until Glutton Creeper Games ran out of prewritten material exocus and had to forge their own path with Exodus: Hopefully you like items and bonus feats, because that’s what comes with the class features. Oh well, no matter, we have one here. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Proper Motivationgained at level 5 of the class, allows the Master Trader to take a full round action to exosus some dumb NPCs rather than a specific number and level limit, the total people that can be convinced by this ability are measured in HD up to the Trade Master’s Charisma modifier plus ten that they’ll be richly rewarded for going and shooting up some other person.

All of the occupations are pretty self-explanatory and the cults and citizenry of the Lone Star Nation are given more detail in the fifth chapter, so let’s move right along. Points for the blatancy level of that second one. Well, no, actually, that’s wrong. Exodus was formerly titled Fallout: This five level Trans-Genetic Mutant gpg advanced class is designed purely around tanking damage and then dishing damage out, nothing more and nothing less. Exodus is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Glutton Creeper Games, now a subsidy of 4 Hour Games.

When Wasteland Bart Black calls you out for a wasteland showdown, you re quick to draw your smoke wagon and plug him full of holes.


I’m thinking of maybe simultaneously bestiaey that GURPS Technomancer review someone wanted if I don’t end up clogging up the thread in the process. For those of you who don’t recall what the hell this is and aren’t in the mood to go read through all the original FATAL and Friends, let’s have a quick rundown. Yeti CR 3 Large Humanoid Another creation of the secret government project that created the Trans-Genetic Mutants, yeti were meant to be arctic warfare specialists.

If you couldn’t guess, Exodus: Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying, Glutton Creeper Games seemed to just sort of stop producing anything whatsoever. Like the Chi Dynasty, NEMO is a xenophobic organization, only accepting members of “La Raza” the book’s use of terminology, not mine; I feel like I need to reassure that I’m not making shit up from time to time.

Well, you’d be right, because what makes the Techno-Reapers so crazy are their edicts rather than their main life goal. Alas, it’s also a class that gets one-time bonuses. The Vegas Mafia A collection of surviving mafiosos from before the Great War, petty thugs, and bloodthirsty tribals who have joined together in a feudal society that rules over both Old Vegas the ruins of Las Vegas and New Vegas post-Great War structures and enterprises built around Old Vegas as it exdus a boomtown.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

Steel Disciples The Steel Disciples are a fraternal, closely knit group of United States Army soldiers and scientists from a Nevada fallout shelter and their children. Bonus feats at level 2 and 4 selected from a handful of feats associated with either information or crafting are accompanied by Exotic Firearms Proficiency Energy Weapons as a non-selectable bonus feat at level 2 and a free suit of power armor at level 4. New gangs have to pay a fee and follow the direct orders of a member gang for a period of time being fully inducted into the Union, taking on the symbol that marks all of its members: Blobs are the only cravens that innately get to pass as human, and thus avoid the -4 to Disguise and Charisma-based skill checks mentioned above.