Frances Larimer Warner is the author of Our Invisible Supply ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Our Invisible Supply ( avg ratin. Posts about Frances Larimer Warner written by Musawenkosi Tshoaele. Results 1 – 30 of 37 Our Invisible Supply; How To Obtain Part Ii; Being An Advanced Series Of Instructions Frances Larimer Warner. Published by R F Fenno.

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If your gifts do not carry the love vibrations with them, they were better not made at larrimer. For meditation I seem to have very Httle time, as my evenings are almost always subject to interruption, and my days spent at business. So the inner does not act direct- ly upon the outer, but because it is always intense activity presses upon the conscious plane as Desire, pushing and urging the conscious plane on to expression.

In the above quotation the word Power may be substituted in place of God. This putting one’s self at once into the actual environment desired is acceptance, or active faith. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can’t offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed.

To every parent Baby-craft ffances an inspiration. I am glad you wrote me so clearly as to your difficulty, as it has enabled me to discern clearly the cause of your inharmony. For many years I have not known the amount of money in my purse, did not know How to Obtain whether my husband to whom I was married two years ago had fifty dollars or fifty thousand and did not care, for to know the amount of the symbol is to limit. You know that the root cause of nervousness is urita- biUty, perhaps through heredity.

Frances Larimer Warner: List of Books by Author Frances Larimer Warner

You tell me in your last letter of the exact amount of your bank accoimt, and that of your husband’s. Away with such a heavenly father. Baby-craft tells how the baby is affected mentally and physically before birth, and in turn how it as a soul affects its mother. What matter if I stand alone?

At the warber I began to demonstrate it, I did not know of the existence of the giver. It did my soul good to read in your letter of the glorious way in which you overcame yoilr really serious trial, and emerged refined as pure silver, seeing the good only in it all. Well, the last time I went to this place I deter- mined to find one of these particular and much coveted shells, and said so in no half-hearted way, to the friend with us.


Frances Larimer Warner

I am possessed of a longing for a home — oh, such a home, with a library. Spirit is substance which forms itself according to your demands, and must have wwrner pattern from which to work.

I was left a widow at twenty- eight with an infant son, lost all I had in fool- ish speculation in California. Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file – a reminder of this book’s long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. And isn’t there a feeUng of nearness among us all that we never knew or could know awrner natural beings? Your ideal life is like a silver vase, always pure silver, but tarnished with false impressions, so all we have to do is to remove the tarnish by affirming, and seeing, the bright shining reality.

Please look up Isaiah and That should now be cor- rected by strong thoughts of love. That is all you have to do to realize wealth — “turn it on” by acknowledg- ing it as a reality.

Well, just go a step further and do caiv- sdously or deliberately, purposelywhat before you only did as a matter of habit.

I appreciate your kind words and am so franecs to know you, too, through your letters and all who write me. You read the book because you love to, and you remember what you read, because it tells you just what you want to know. Another incident is this: Thy soul is but an emanation from the whole. OUR letter, with several others, was received just as we were leaving home and I am doing them the best justice possible while on warenr wing, as am with my husband on a business trip through- out South Dakota; then we return to Faulk- ton to start on an overland trip of several hundred miles with horses, an outing we have always desired to take.

You know Jesus laromer, “Let the little ones come unto me” and that is all that is required of us as to responsibility in How to Obtain 91 iheir behalf. No, the home will not be slower, but quicker to manifest because of your leaving all details to the Law. I have worked at the Peabody library quite a bit this fall but have had to dog m;yself to it.


Everything in the Universe is experiencing the powerful Law of attraction…And when you are vibrating in pain, you cannot attract joy.

Frances Larimer Warner (Author of Our Invisible Supply)

So if we go deep enough into Being, we find that which we did not know existed. You cannot expect a flow of oil larimrr increase of meal until you begin to iLse; you cannot pour water from a pitcher until you take the pitcher in hand and begin to pour. While at How to Obtain dinner the hostess suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, someone will be killed, for there are thirteen of us at the table!

Do I think it selfish to desire material things?

I was once in a seemingly s] nilar predicament, and when the temptation came to worry frandes it, I would mentally show my troubles to the door and out with a vengeance, and actually rid myself of many serious problems in that way. Cease wondering why you came — stop looking for faults and flaws.

When I hear from you again, will continue this topic for my next letter.

It is better to take one thing at a time at first, and not a greater imdertaking than that in which you can put your present faith. I began just taking God at His word and seeing myself in possession, since our first great scientist said that in order to have, we must believe that we had already received and give thanks accord- ingly.

Faith is the secret of occult power but can become the rule of ,arimer every action, rather than the exception, and is tlw one thing above all to be attained. Then I will just be like the rest of them, blaming my job or spouse or community or the government or the gods for my current, undesirable situations. But I am sure that Miss Cady means that there must come a time when we must rely wholly upon the within for light and guidance.

You say that you have tried imaging and failed to materialize your desires.