Fountain, Philip M. (November 29, ). “Rev. of Direct Action: An Ethnography by David Graeber”. The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology. 12 (5): – Direct Action*a thorough analysis of the ‘invisible architecture’ (p. ) of the At the start of this weighty ethnographic tome, David Graeber is in the early years. Direct action: an ethnography. Graeber, David () Direct action: an ethnography. AK Press, Oakland, California, USA ; Edinburgh, Scotland.

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A furtherance of this theme, his book is not only intellectually stimulating and compelling, but activists get a lot of practical material from it too.

It’s not quite as poetically vibrant and politically essential as some of Graeber’s other work, particularly given that the form of activism diretc describes seems to be on the wane. Having borrowed this ethnogfaphy from a public library, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish it before the last allowed renewal but then I got into it.

His argument hinges on what he calls the “politics of imagination” to which he juxtaposes the modern hegemony of a “politics of violence. The middle gets mushy but that might be because i took a 6 month break and because I recall him talking a lot about many things i understood. Lots to think about!

Direct Action Network, Ya Basta! Written in a clear, accessible style with a minimum of academic jargonthis study brings readers behind the scenes of a movement that has changed the terms of debate about world power relations. Apr 21, Marshall Scott rated it it was amazing. For people like me who are less interested in the summit-protesting, window-smashing form of activism, this is a bit of a disappointment, and I remain unpersuaded by Graeber’s arguments about acfion efficacy of the actions he describes.


It is a bit ironic that he occasionally takes digs at ‘movement celebrities’ and people who claim ‘to speak for the movement’ when that is pretty much what he is up to here, but the idea ethnographhy this book dirfct meant to be part of a dialogue and not meant as some kind of anarchist “Grundrisse” is pretty clear.

Now I just need to find a copy. In other words, it would necessarily inv With “Direct Action” David Graeber has written an important and timely book. Graeber gives a good sense of what day-to-day anarchist activism in North America looks like, what direct action is, and—probably unintentionally—how anarchist activists reason themselves out of ever doing it.

Lists with Actioh Book. I know that isn’t necessarily the point, the point is to push the boundaries, get us some more freedom and space to live, some more joy This is something anarchists do a bad job of communicating diect the public.

File:Graeber David Direct Action An Ethnography pdf – Monoskop

From m If I didn’t read this book, I probably would ethnogra;hy dropped out of my master’s program, completely disillusioned with anthropology and the state of many current ethnographies which reinforce oppressive hegemonic, racist and oppressive structures. What I wanted was basically more of what’s in Debt and Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology; what this is, instead, is kind of a trip diary of some of Graeber’s activist activities. How awesome was it to be able to hand people something with a blow-by-blow account of consensus process in a direct action context?

This is a seriously profound book for understanding the relationships between activism and culture. Graber makes the case that the real magic of direct ethnogtaphy occurs in meetings when people take the time and energy to enact consensus process. I felt it was important to publish the long version first, if only for documentary purposes, because so much history djrect otherwise be lost.


From informal conversations in coffee shops to large “spokescouncil” planning meetings and dirrct street actions, Graeber paints a vivid and fascinating picture.

Books by David Graeber. More by this author Bullshit Jobs David Graeber.

Direct Action: An Ethnography

Starting from the assumption that, when dealing with possibilities of global transformation and emerging political forms, a disinterested, “objective” perspective is impossible, Graeber writes as hraeber scholar and activist.

At the same time, his experiment in the application of ethnographic methods to important ongoing political events is a serious and unique contribution to the field of anthropology, as well as an inquiry into anthropology’s political implications.

So what do people think: Graeber has found a crucial intersection between radical politics and scholarship where neither are sacrificed for the sake of the other. These chapters are titled “Meetings,” “Actions,” and “Representation,” and are the bits where in a ‘normal’ anthropology book the writer would begin to make generalizations or maybe attack someone else’s generalizations. His description and analysis of the interactions between activists, police and the media is revealing and complex while still having a strong moral urgency.

Feb 28, Dylan rated it it was amazing. Goodreads reviews for Direct Action e-book. Rather, it would have to begin from an analysis of movement building practices and organizing, and what kinds of collective compositions they create and sustain.