Joss Ware (Envy Chronicles #) (Beyond the Night, Embrace the Night Eternal, Abandon the Night, Night Betrayed) [Joss Ware] on *FREE*. Buy a cheap copy of Embrace the Night Eternal book by Joss Ware. “Joss Ware’s vision of the future is dark, complex and sharply original. I’m eagerly. Series By Joss Ware; Books By Joss Ware. Most Popular Embrace the Night Eternal. from: $ #2 Night Forbidden: Envy Chronicles, Book 5. from: $

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Love his ability by the way which makes joas wonder about Wyatt’s and Fence’s, as well! He’s one of those men with a dark past and hopelessness about the future –but deep down he is a really good guy, worthy of love.

A tip leads the group to believe there may be answers found in Falling Creek, a settlement that years ago broke off from the original group in Envy. Why am I not surprised they end up together. She knew they couldn’t stand there and kiss like a couple on the run in a thriller.

I have enjoyed every book I have read by her. With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed Embrace the Night Eternal. He can be a cold bastard when he’s threatened or when needed but with Sage, he’s incredibly caring. The second, and slightly less annoying, issue is that the author tends to use the same word three or four times in a single paragraph.

There are several editing issues and some odd plot jumps but over all a good book. What a difference one book can make! Simon can pretty much provide that in every definition used for that word. They’re computer geniuses and dare working on setting up a new Internet for this new world. This fascinating story isn’t at all predictable.

josss But what about the community of Falling Creek? I’m impressed by the world building but still wish for a pinch more smexy lovin’. Embracce pretending may just turn into the real thing Sage Corrigan has never known any world but Nevada after the Change. So, still interested in this series but I don’t think the romance is the strongest part of the book. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Now the men are helping the residents fight the Strangers who are trying to enslave the remaining humans.


He can’t cross that line. Sage is an jjoss character. Next book will be Quent’s, and he has been given enough teasers that I hope the book delivers. How did we get here and how we survive? I loved watching him fall in love with Sage and each time they get closer to acting on their feelings, the story gets hotter and hotter.

Embrace the Night Eternal

Here the couple held their own, but there were many times I found myself frustrated as a reader because I was yanked from one story line into another without a real transition. To me, Simon wasn’t as hot as the author’s heroes usually are. Right now is a great time for those who love post-apocalyptic sci-fi. Interesting twist for Remington Truth and I really feel that Ian Marcks is not a complete lost cause: Now I’m looking forward to more books. Simon and Sage were always having to duck some pursuer or threat to them.

Book review: Joss Ware’s *Embrace the Night Eternal*

Known as ioss person who can easily blend into the shadows hah Feb 13, Jen Davis rated it really liked it Shelves: I really liked Simon.

After waking from a fifty-something-year sleep after the Change, he founds himself with a strange power that might just be the thing they need to fight the Jozs Simon Japp has a dark past but after the Change years before, when the civilization fairly came to an end, he got a chance to turn a new leaf. Not because of the story line, which was fun and kind of exciting.

Embraxe, on the other hand, is strangely fascinating. Though the heroine may not be that badass te like the other females in this series but what she lacked in that department she made up for in brilliance.


Then Sage, my oh my, how can you NOT love embace woman who loves books, computer savvy, and knows exactly what she wants? But pretending may just turn into I keep loving these books! That becomes much more difficult to maintain when he is suddenly posing as her husband in a commune that believes it is their responsibility to re-populate the world.

She can’t go alone so she takes Simon. Sage Corrigan is a computer whiz who uses her vast knowledge to gather any and all information she can find concerning their enemies.

To view it, click here. Simon was a bodyguard to a mafia crime boss, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and completely disgusted with where his life had led him. Both assured in their skills but neither are exactly able to fit into the lives they find themselves living.


It was an oddly perfect book for me. The climatic scene between the two of them was nothing short of beautiful. Mar 10, Ami rated it really liked it Shelves: At least, I don’t remember if this was explained.

If I get fired from my job, I’m blaming this book. Feb niht, Edna rated it really liked it Shelves: While his companions mourn their loved ones they’ve lost, and their lives the had before the Change, Simon see’s it as an opportunity for a fresh OH. She tells of how people were dropping dead eernal no reason. Theo and his brother Lou also have an extremely interesting back story. Sage is something of an outcast in Envy, because she comes from a settlement that’s like a breeding camp.