La Scouine has 80 ratings and 6 reviews. LA SCOUINE est le surnom donné à l’ une des filles de l’habitant Urgèle Deschamps, et c’est autour de ce personna. La Scouine has 80 ratings and 6 reviews. Julie said: Une oeuvre étonnante qui devrait provoquer la jalousie de plusieurs de nos contemporains par l’audac. De à , Albert Laberge fut chroniqueur sportif au journal La Presse à Montréal. Mais il y fut aussi, simultanément, critique d’art. Membre de l’.

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Preview — La Scouine by Albert Laberge. The details in the chapters about the brothers are deliberately graphic. There is no human violence comparable in scale to the sadistic murder of old Fouan in La Terre or to the hideous mutilation of the grocer in GerminalAlso, Laberge is far more pessimistic than Zola, who tends to show, even in the midst of despair, a very tenuous hope of resolution.

The dismemberment with which the book opens is “un avertissement et un symbole: In contrast to their descriptions of scenes and characters, the iconoclastic perspective and technique of Laberge stand out in stark relief.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The young peasant boy “le Taon,” himself named after a pestilential insect, comes on a repulsive errand.

La Scouine- Albert Laberge by Alessandra D’Onofrio on Prezi

scluine An old man, begging on his knees in the mud for a miracle from the bishop, only succeeds in being thoroughly splashed by mud as the ecclesiastical carriage passes by. Other details have the same repugnant effect. La Scoulne ‘s structure is, to a great extent, the product of its protracted composition. Scouije Perron rated it liked it Jun 25, Johns Hopkins Press,p. There are two episodes where the grotesque is most powerfully developed, and each episode is concerned with unnatural victimization.


This technique expresses the grotesque not in the fantastic or fanciful, but in the quirks of the morbid and subnormal. In this chapter of La Scouinehowever, the death of the dog is made the most vivid example of abnormal callousness through the detailed, though concise, description of the animal’s struggle to survive scoouine La Scouine has thrown it in the well to drown.

Le Cercle du Uvre de France,p. The brothers’ idiocy is a counterpart to the physical and spiritual exhaustion around them. The use of the grotesque, so important to later French-Canadian fiction, brought down on Laberge the shocked opprobrium of the church scouind several chapters of La Scouine were published in the reviews Le Terroire and La Semaine in The knife blesses and cuts equally.

Despite all of which, there are occasional lyrical passages in which the curious physical pleasures of certain farm tasks become an outlet for a kind of sensuousness that is otherwise nonexistent for these characters. Pascale rated it really liked it Aug 13, In La Scouine, Laberge displays little of Maupassant’s comic sense. Peggy rated it liked it Oa 08, Their feet become bloodied and the story’s details are made progressively more morbid and repulsive.

Les Anciens Canadiens and particularly Maria Scouineefor all the romance elements in them, are scoiine famous for detailed scenes or tableaux of verifiable authenticity. Trivia About La Scouine.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It would be unendurable, probably, if it weren’t quite short and if Laberge didn’t have a poker-faced sense of humor; as it is, its combination of episodic structure and Canadian landscape made me think of it as a sort of cruelly distorted mirror image of L. Carlos rated it liked it Dec 10, Editions HMH,p. Like one of Maupassant’s stories, “Pierrot,” this episode explores distortion of values in terms of the relationship between man and his animals.


Piguin and le Schno, are forced to dig holes without their shoes and are refused their dinner. Throughout, the emphasis falls on the fact that the parish is situated below or under and is identified by its proximity to the sewer system and by the parish church which is itself situated in a basement. Pascal-Olivier rated it liked it Sep 18, The priest’s face at one point is red from the cold and is described as “un morceau de viande saignante” p.

Ultimately, his techniques and themes were to prove among the early, disturbing fruits of a rich and productive soil.

La Scouine

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In them the writer frequently develops the themes of avarice, brutality and primitivism through a representative study of character and a skillful ear for the dialect or patois of the region. It is true that La Scouine defies the rural idyll by depicting life on the land as the existence of unthinking human beasts who have been brutalized, degraded and ground down to defeat Nevertheless, in its careful exploitation of the grotesque, the book lacks the balance of paradox and ambiguity characteristic of much realistic fiction.

The violence and excess of this episode recall Maupassant’s story “Coco” in Contes du jour et de la nuit.

Edition priWe,p. In contrast to Laberge’s usual spare diction, this language approaches rhetoric. Editions de I’Universibg d’Ottawa,p.