Find great deals for LEGO Space Ice Station Odyssey (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. : Lego Ice Station Odyssey Toys & Games. View LEGO instructions for Ice Staton Odyssey set number to help you build these LEGO sets.

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It pales in comparison to just about all of the other Space bases except possibly The Ice Station comes with no less than two rockets with satellites to be launched for the explorers’ research. It’s an excellent playset with a lot of nice little features, but there’s not much in there in terms of build excitement.

Instructions For LEGO 6983 Ice Staton Odyssey

A bump of the table, and the structure literally flies off the plate now. It was used on every theme until Exploriens. To me, that equals ugly ugly ugly.

Compared with Ice Planetthe stickers coming with each set of the Power Miners series are really annoying. Just launching a rocket will keep you entertained for a while, but the addition of the vehicles and the diverse cast of characters will soon let your imagination run wild.

LEGO Space Ice Station Odyssey (6983)

I couldn’t have been more than 7 when I got this set, I was so happy that my dad llego from the 50 dollar rule. No ridiculous amount of oddly-shaped booklets back in !


Also, there’s a nifty rack and rack winder combo that will be used in the launching rig. It too is based on a hinge and it uses two Technic steering links for support.

It made me remember the only Ice Planet set that I leggo, the way I loved its features and playability, it was a space car with a rocket, in fact, very very similar to the one featured in this set which disappointed me, because that means I got one of the smallest setseven so what I did like about it was its playability Before this review, I would easily have given this set an 8 or higher, but I guess the build factors in much more heavily to me now than it did before.

And after only a few minutes it’s leg to see: Now, the next step involves some cheating. I’m not totally happy with the design, yet Ice planet elgo too short-lived and had a terrific color scheme.

LEGO Ice Station Odyssey Set | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

I asked my dad and brother to help rebuild it but for some reason it never happened Barebones, blocky spaceships and vehicles, and big ugly wheels on many sets, something I’ve never been fond of.

As usual, we start with the lrgo models in the set. Again, a printed slope with the Ice Planet logo goes on the front. This 6-wheeled part can be detached from the buggy and is built seperately.


It’s simply included within the instructions step in a yellow frame examples of which you’ve seen above. Thanks a lot for make me remember that and, I’m sorry, but that won’t make me take out of its box the only Ice Planet set I own It’s just a whole bunch of plates, bit, and bobs stuck on a big molded baseplate. In the early nineties, Lego’s final frontier had long ceased to be a domain of simple explorers and researchers. Kego dish’s incline will be controlled by the rack.

Peeron: Ice Station Odyssey (#)

I had no idea that Space sets like these could be so While practicality of this design may be called into question, it undoubtedly gives the base a nice sci-fi feeling. There’s one thing I’m sure you will all like about this set: This was my favorite space theme of all the time and this is my favorite biggest set ever!

Finally, there’s some nice trans-orange accessories present as well: I hope I’ve at least made 693 sense in explaining why I dislike this set and line, instead of just saying “this sucks. I have no idea what happened to them, unfortunately! The barrier made up of four 4H antenna’s goes in pretty quickly.