Letraset 64 Letraset Digitek Letraset Dolmen Letraset Donaldson Hand. Discover ideas about Typography Books. Letraset Catalogue, (unknown date and designer). Such a simple visual concept that embodies the whole Letraset. The ITC Library OpenType Edition Catalog 4. Monotype . ITC Library. Belshaw, Nick;Meeks, Alan;Letraset, / (Newman, Bob).

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Just bought from fonts.

Found it when searching for Letraset to see if I could find any colour strips for the Color Tag system, which I still have!! I was at university at the time and I have to admit I mostly used the catalogue as a source book for drawing my own fonts in pen and ink — badly, no doubt, as I am not a natural artist.

Thanks for keeping up with my blog — never knew so many people had the same memories! Thanks for the delightful trip down memory lane!

Letraset catalog

January 30, by squirrelbasket. And now that I have recalled those retro space-age fonts, I seem to be noticing them everywhere on the livery of the vans of small businesses…. It is a lovely font, rather gothic, or am I meaning faerie?


It was the s. Then place the backing paper over the lettering and burnish moderately letrazet for firm adhesion with a smooth instrument, such as the cap of a ballpoint pen. I work as a teaching assistant in lletraset junior school and I still use the catalogue as reference for different typefaces when making headings for displays etc.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Somewhere in my desk are a dusty pica pole, proportion wheel and dried out non-repro pen. Thanks for the comment. Letraset dry transfer lettering in For designers, graphic artists, draughtsmen, typographers, lftraset fact anyone connected with graphic art, the name Letraset is synonymous with high quality graphic art materials.

But back cataloyue the Letraset. It has three pages of short embedded font samples the font names, mostly and 50 pages of full font samples all as outlines. I have now looked in my old Letraset catalogue and there it is — Fino. Where did we ever find the time to apply headlines to artwork letter by letter, rubbed from the back of a transparent plastic sheet?

Just to be safe. Would love to be able to type with it! Press the letter on to the art surface with your finger and then shade lightly over letrzset whole letter with a ballpoint pen, soft pencil or other blunt instrument.


Oddly, my grandfather was a house painter. Share Twitter Email Reddit.

It was a digital version of the transfer sheet catalogue that I was really after. I went to art college from to and still have a Letraset catalogue dated You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Design icons: Letraset | The Squirrelbasket

I have a dated Fontek. The instructions make it sound so easy! Btw—your blog here stirred up my late and latent hankering for Arnold Boecklin, Countdown, and Davida. The little bits of bromide stuck to his fingertips but he got there in the end and put a piece of Sellotape over it to hold it in place. Letraset has also continued to produce marker pens for artwork — in they emphasised their use of the Pantone colour matching catalgue.

The Squirrelbasket It’s a letrsaet stuffed full of words and pictures — mainly about nature, nostalgia and design…. I’d love to see both the Letraset catalog and the Chartpak catalog online.